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    Binzhou Huaruida Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huafang Co., LTD, Mainly engaged in import and export trade, Domestic general trade and other business, The scope includes textile、Home textile products、liquor 、Imported wine、Import Department Store、food、Disposable degradable tableware、Paper products、chemical products(Projects that require approval in accordance with the law)etc

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    Huaruida has wines from all over the world,From Germany, which is located in the center of Europe, and France and Spain, which are blown by the Mediterranean sea breeze, to Australia and New Zealand, which are across the sea from Oceania.These original imported wines from different countries, different regions and different varieties bring us a unique local flavor。

    Jurgen Dorst Winery in Germany:Doster winery is located in Nettel, a small town on the upper reaches of Moser River. It is a family winery with a history of 265 years.The Dorst family strives for excellence in the quality of wine, with minimal and necessary requirements as much as possible, which is their principle.Its representative wines are classic semi-dry white wine, Merlot dry red wine, Danfei semi-dry red wine and so on.

    FranceDom BriaWine cooperative:Dom BrialThe Wine Cooperative was founded in 1923,At present, there are 247 grape growers with an area of 2,100 hectares. Because of this, the wine styles produced by the cooperative are extremely changeable.While making wine, cooperatives also attach great importance to environmental protection.There are many excellent products under the cooperative, such as AOC-grade Cunninghamia lanceolata dry red wine and midnight music dry white wine suitable for young people.

    In the future, Huaruida will also establish cooperative relations with more international wine brands to bring more high-quality wines to customers, so stay tuned.

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